MATLAB cosmo sessions 2022

These sessions require some basic understanding of the MATLAB/Octave language. Here you can find an introductory course.

Online sessions on the usage and understanding of scripts that might be useful on the interpretation of cosmonuclide data.

We will go through some existing scripts to learn some useful methods to work with cosmo-related data in MATLAB/Octave.

Ángel Rodés, 2022


  1. ICP-OES data reduction (24/01/2022)
    • Slides
    • Scripts: ICPOES-datared. Download all the files in the previous link.
    • These scripts are used to calibrate ICP-OES data using the data from all standards, to perform some quality checks, and output data in a useful format.
    • We will go through ICPOESdatared_vXX.m to understand how the script imports the data exported from Qtegra, performs the analyte calibrations and averages, plots results, and display results in a excel-friendly format.
  2. Statistics (26/01/2022)
  3. Burial dating (31/01/2022)
  4. AMS raw data (tba)
    • Manipulating files and folders (script coming soon).
    • Input data from text files and organise it.
    • Plotting time series.